4 Week Beginner Belle Program

4 Week Beginner Belle Program

4 Seasons

Follow this program if you are new to our online classes, or just getting back into movement! This is a 4 week program, with 3 to 4 workouts per week. Use the drop down arrow below to access each week, and click on the calendar at the bottom of the page for a detailed guide.

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4 Week Beginner Belle Program
  • Calendar | Beginner Belles

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    Follow this 4 week calendar during our Beginner Belles program

  • Focused Arm Burn | Alexandra

    Episode 1

    Nothing but arms with Alex! Equipment: Booty band, hand weights

  • Fired Up Core | Michelle

    Episode 2

    Focus on your core and abs in this 20 min burner with Michelle. Equipment: hand weights, booty band

  • SUNSHINE Signature Barre Fit | Jill

    Episode 3

    Our Barre Belle Signature Fit class is a full body workout using light weight/resistance equipment for strength. This class is a beginner/intermediate format and can be the BEST place to start because of the variation in aerobic training. With our Fit format we focus on interval training which in...